Do You Want to Kill Your Boss?


Is your boss mean? Is he just rude or does he have a bad attitude about everything? Have you ever felt like you would just love to kill your boss? Take our fun test and find out what kind of a jerk you really work for.

  1. How does your boss react if you come in to work a little late?

  2. You helped your boss create a presentation. How involved in the preparation was your boss?

  3. When you call in sick to work, how does your boss react?

  4. You are telling a friend a story about a date you went on over the weekend, when your boss overhears and walks over, what does he most likely say?

  5. Does your boss treat you differently because of your gender?

  6. Your boss catches you IMing friends on your computer at work. Which of these things does he most likely do?

  7. The last time you were so frustrated you wanted to kill your boss, it was because he...