Sexual Harassment Quiz


Do you feel you may be a victim of workplace sexual harassment? The Sexual Harassment Quiz will help you better understand what constitutes sexual harassment. Take this sexual harassment test and consider what you can do to take a stand against sexual harassment.

  1. How many employees does your company have?

  2. Considering the climate at your workplace, what opportunities are available and acceptable for a potential sexual harassment victim to address the situation?

  3. If an employee at your company chose to speak up with allegations of sexual harassment (to the perpetrator or to the management), what would be most likely happen to them?

  4. Have you experienced unwanted sexual advances from any of the following individuals at your workplace:

  5. Sexual harassment may affect both men and women, despite the myth that only women can be the victims of sexual harassment. What is your gender?

  6. Your workplace's sexual harassment training program is best described as: